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Top : Management Gurus and Heros : Peters Tom - Read articles and excerpts by noted modern guru, Tom Peters, and interviews of him.

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  • In The Belly of The Beast With Tom Peters

    By New Mexico State University - Members of the management dept. at the New Mexico State Univ. who were invited to debate Peters present their views and opinions on his work. (Added: 14-Mar-2003 Hits: 1063 )
  • The Chief Executive: When Excellence Isn't Enough.(Brief Article)

    By Joe Queenan - What seems like an eon ago, Tom Peters catapulted himself onto the national stage by co-authoring In Search of Excellence. Largely a paean to IBM, which at the time was the most powerful company on earth, this highly readable book was unimaginably successful, getting quoted, imitated, and praised everywhere by everybody as soon as it appeared. Of course, IBM turned out to be not such an excellent company after all. (Added: 14-Mar-2003 Hits: 709 )


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