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The Leadership Development Resource Center was created to help current and prospective leaders in businesses, government and not-for-profit enterprises, to develop and build their leadership skills to enhance the abilities of the organizations they lead to achieve their goals. The material on these pages will also help organizations in building a cadre of effective leaders to improve the work climate for employees, and in turn improve productivity and morale.

Featured Content: Responsive Leadership and With-It-Ness

Long ago when I was doing research in what made teachers effective, I came across a theme in the literature.

It turned out that hardly anything predicted student success consistently across the board, and that's over decades of hard research. It's a situation very much like the leadership research, in that success is often so complex and context bound that it's hard to find any universal or generalizable factors that make for successful teaching or successful leaders.

Except, there was ONE thing that distinguished successful teachers from less successful that researchers found was consistent. It was the degree to which the teacher was "with-it", meaning how well the teacher was aware of what was happening around him or her, even when not actually facing the class. Some called it akin to having "eyes in the back of one's head".

I think that applies to leadership, and it lead to me to develop the idea of RESPONSIVENESS as a possible avenue for describing successful leaders. On the surface the concept is simple. The best leaders are able to understand, connect with and RESPOND to both the environment of the organization, the internal state of the organization, and above all, the state and needs of employees (or followers).

So I developed the idea and put it all on a LearnBytes Helpcard.

Rather than explain the whole thing, here it is. You can read part of the document below. I hope you find it useful.

The Responsive Manager/Leader by Robert Bacal